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Play God Hates Sheep


Gameplay Abstract: 2 players play against each other. One player plays as the last survivor with sheep. His goal is to build a structure and carry the sheep and place them inside the structure to protect them. The other player plays as God who has decided sheep are the devil and decided to exterminate them and make them extinct. The God character plays in a turn based style, choosing which skills to cast upon the world. The player roams in a platform world gather materials to build a fort and survive. While doing this the player tries to save as many creatures as possible from extinction.

For Best Results: Play next to each other. One person select a character (god or player), and start a new game. Then and only then should the second person select a character, and select the same game. This will avoid buggy situations like not being able to see the shared game in the room list, or having two players connect as the same character (resulting in no gameplay).

Heather wrote: "I just hit every key on the keyboard until I was suddenly running across the screen with a sheep on my head."

Controls - Player:
A - Run Left
D - Run Right. Beware of cliff.
J - pick-up and drop blocks. They drop down, so to set one in mid-air, jump first. Build a bunker!
K - pick-up and drop sheep. Get them to safety!
Space - Jump.

Click flying rocks to gain points.
Click one of the buttons to buy a power. Click anywhere to fire. May I suggest clicking on / near the sheep?




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