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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are a teenager that wakes up alone at home. You find that plants have started to take over the world. You are left to defend yourself and save your dog, girlfriend, and brother. UPDATE: I (Tyler) have worked on the game a bit had have better working version. I have been tweaking it here and there, but this last week of spring break I moved some things around and added the credits and tutorial screen.
Brief Play Description: 

Health- How many hits you can take from enemies. Can be restored using health packs.
Stamina- An indirect indicator of how many actions you can take. Moving around and using the
machete both take up stamina. Stamina can be refilled using food.
BlitzX- An industrial grade poison, often used for the purpose of extricating unwanted plants, insects, and
relatives from your house. Initially paralyzes enemies. After getting the lighter, it is used as a flamethrower.
Gasoline- Used to fuel the lawnmower. Vroom vroom crunch!
Health Packs- Refills your health. If you were actually wondering what these do, then I feel I should inform you
that cyanide pills are delicious. You should go eat some.
Food- A healthful source of protein that increases your stamina. KFC never lets you down.

Hedge Clippers- The first weapon you get in the battle against the plants. Sturdy and reliable. And boring.
Lawn Mower- Useful for crossing the deadly grass fields and mowing over large numbers of enemies. Does fairly
good damage, but can only be used for so long before running out of gas.
Machete- An extremely powerful weapon, used for the express purpose of exacting stabbity rage upon the plants.
So powerful is it that your stamina goes down a little every time you use it.
Lighter- An upgrade of sorts for the BlitzX. Turns the spray into a stream of flame.

Use either the W,A,S,D or up,down,left,right arrow keys to navigate your way through the world.
The number keys (1234) at the top of your keyboard will switch between you weapons, when you have them.
Use the space-bar to fire your weapons.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Solomon Barcomb
Artists ------- Solomon Barcomb Branden Holtevert Programmers ----------- Scott Spalding Tyler Hadidon
Installation Notes: 

We could not compile a .JAR file, so it is just simply JAVA source.

UPDATE: You can now run the game as a .JAR file. Simply extract the Herbecda.jar and double click it to play.

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Submitted at Miami University (United States)


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