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The Hunt!

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"The Hunt" is a turn-based first person shooter hunting game, where one player controls a hunter and 1-5 players set the paths of a group of rare, trans-dimensional, hovering animals trying to get past the hunter to safety. A game by Los PinĂ¼inos Perdidos; Tommy Hoffmann, Ben Lehr, Dominick Kuljis, and Esteban Fajardo
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

First, the animal players set paths for their psychic animals. If there is more than one animal player, players must choose for themselves how many perfectly-normal beasts each player will control. Players set the paths for an entirely-plausible-animal by clicking anywhere on the map. The complacent animals will go to the first clicked location first, then the second location, then the third, and so on. The goal is to reach the end location without being shot by the hunter. The simple-minded animals will go straight to the finish from the last clicked location. Setting different paths for different animals is accomplished by scrolling through the animals using the left and right arrow keys. Each individual animal is marked by a distinct color, which represents their inner spirit color, completely invisible to the boring hunter. The player who will be the hunter next is not allowed to watch the computer screen during this time. Remember, your opponent will be determined to catch your calm and meditative animals, so use camouflage and strategy to achieve victory.

Once all of the animalistic players are ready, they press the "go" button and hand off the computer to the other player, the hunter. Once mentally prepared to face the daunting challenge ahead of them, the hunter should press start. The unscrupulous hunter plays in a first person shooter perspective, and his/her job is to hunt down as many of these creatures as possible before they reach their finish area and shoot them using the left mouse button. The hunter is armed with a misshapen-cylinder-o-death, and a single shot will un-render all digital creatures it hits. The hunter can move using either the WASD keys or the arrow keys, jump using the spacebar (useful for spectacularly scaling steep slopes), and hold down shift to sprint. The round ends when all the blind animals have reached the finish or been killed. Like the obsessive lunatic he/she is, the hunter keeps track of how many sheep have been killed.

After the hunter has gone, a new round will start. A different player will now be the hunter, and in a traditionally buddhist fashion, the old hunter will now be an animal player. Whoever has the most kills at the end of an undesignated number of rounds (or fewer if the players so decide) wins! Sadly, the bashful creatures have hacked our code and all scores will not be displayed, so that no single phantasmagorical animal feels like a loser. The end result is that it is up to the players to keep track of the losers, so that they can feel bad and the time-warping sheep can continue not existing in ignorant bliss.

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tommy hoffmann
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Submitted at University of Denver (United States)


Very cool


I haven's seen a game with the mechanic the sheep/beasts have before, so at least from my perspective it is very innovative and unique.


Great job


Great job you guys. As usual, the younger guys whooped all of us college students and professionals in video games...


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