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Play Indie Game Over: Corporate Punishment. THE GAME

Unity Web Player | IndieGameOver-r152-WebPlayer

Note: Clicking doesn't work well in the embedded Web Player. Right-click and select "Go fullscreen" for complete clicking enjoyment.


Please note that a smaller 'tutoral/practice' level will appear and is playable for 40 seconds before the main level begins.

Click on the 'ex-employees' to kill them as they come out of the large building at the back of the map. If they manage to get together in groups of 5 or more, they will build an independant studio.

Once established, they will begin to develop software the speed of this cycle depends on how many people are inside (indicated by a number above). Click on the building to force them out, as the last person leaves, the building will be destroyed.

IF they manage to complete the software (represented as a CD graphic next to the building) they will steal a 10% share of your market which is visually represented by the pie chart displayed at the top right of the screen. They will also close down the company (over creative differences!?) and 20 will leave to form more companies for themselves!

The game is over when you lose 100% of the market share OR the timer runs out. You get no score at all for the first scenario, and if you do make it to the end of the time limit, your score is adjusted according to how much market share you still own.

Final score is shown at the end of the round. Please let us know what your scores are!




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