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The Last Fleet

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are the last fleet of the human race, being pursued by a horrendous evil. Try to escape and prevent the extinction of the human race.
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

--- Story so far ---

Humanity is in peril!! A vast Nebulous Death Cloud is persuing the last
fleet of the human race! Trying to outrun the Deathly Cloud, cloning more population
as they move, trying to gain enough fuel to escape the extinction of their race.

--- How to play ---

Goal: Get far enough away from the Deathly Cloud for it to stop persuing you. The game will inform you when you have escaped.

Extinction: Extinction will occur if the Deathly Cloud touches the fleet mothership, if the fleet runs out of population, or if the fleet is stranded on a planet, unable to Mine or Travel.

The Last Fleet functions on 4 resources:

- Fuel
used for Travel and Scanning.

- Cheese
used for Travel and Scanning, cheese cost increass the larger the fleet
population gets. If cheese is exhausted, any actions that require cheese
will use up population at twice the original cheese cost (people starving).

- Population
used to Mining and Intercept, visually represented by the number of ships
in the fleet.

- Time
any Time taken up allows the Deathly Cloud to get closer to the fleet.

These resources are used to perform various actions.
There are 4 actions you can take in The Last Fleet:

1 - Mine:

When over a planet, click the planet to select it, then click the red fuel
symbol to mine it.
Mining depletes Population and takes Time, and mines 20% of the remaining Fuel and Cheese
on the planet.

2 - Scan

Clicking on an unknown planet (represented by a silhouette and a question mark) and
selecting the scan icon will reveal the planet and its resources.
Scanning costs Fuel, Cheese and Population. it also takes a very small amount of time.

3 - Travel

Clicking on a planet and selecting the travel icon will move the fleet to that planet.
Travel costs Fuel and Cheese, and takes Time. Travelling to an unscanned planet will
reveal it for free. When you arrive at a planet, half of the planet's biomass is used up
to clone more population.

4 - Intercept

Clicking on the enemy cloud and selecting the intercept button will send a portion of the population to try and fight it. This has never proved useful in defeating the cloud, but has been known to slow it down.

--- Random Events ---

When arriving at a planet, there is a chance that a random event will occur. Some are good, some are bad. Bad events can be averted by paying a cost in cheese, if enough is avaialble.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Luke Viljoen
Rodain Joubert
Installation Notes: 

Unzip to your preferred destination. Run the TheLastFleet.exe.

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Submitted at Cape Town, UCT (South Africa)




A good game, well polished. It's fun to play and I like the graphics, the gameplay and the plot. Nice! ;)




Noticed your game on the gamesauce list of best ggj games, gz!

I really liked your game, awesome concept, and a very good game all around. The graphics were cute.


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