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Lingua Franca

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are the Minister of Culture in a quaint Eastern European town. You task is to save your language from extinction due to the influence of the lingua franca. You do this by yelling at any citizen that uses a foreign word.
Mac OS X+
Linux / Unix
Brief Play Description: 

The technologically superior countries keep flooding your ports with deliveries of new devices that they've named in their own language (the lingua franca). As your citizens pick up the deliveries and take them home, they yell out the foreign name of the device for others to hear and repeat. It is your job to pick a local name for each device and then yell it at anyone who dares use the foreign word. If the lingua franca becomes popular enough among your citizens, your language will become extinct. You must prevent this from happening for as long as possible.

Note that much of the game mechanics (yelling, picking local words, win/lose conditions) have not been implemented. All you can do at this point is wander the streets and watch your citizens carry foreign goods to their homes.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Music contributed by Wade Clarke. Many thanks go to Team Decimation (creators of Duat) for their valuable input in the brainstorming process. They are: Greg Louden, Ben Rayner, Peter McIntosh, and Jonathan McEwan.
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

For running under Windows, simply unzip the archive and run "play.exe".

For *NIX systems (including OS X), you will need to grab the Python source from GitHub. Installation instructions will be available in the repository shortly, but the gist is that you'll need Python 2.6+, PyGame 1.9.1, PGU 0.14, and NumPy 1.5.1. You'll also need to compile the A* C++ module to replace the existing AStar.exe.

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Submitted at Game Jam Sydney (Australia)


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