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Minecraft Inspired Text Adventure

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A "demake" of recent indie phenomenon Minecraft, this techdemo implements some of the features of the building game through a text interface, meaning everything from punching trees to crafting to exploring is done entirely via console.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Any Javascript enabled browser should work.
Brief Play Description: 

I had the idea when mentally comparing simple game ideas to newer game ideas. I asked myself "what makes this genre fun?" and tried to find two things as different as possible that had a very similar source of fun. Many people find experimenting with text entry under text adventures fun because you can try a lot of ways to use an object, this being the basis of the puzzles. Minecraft, on the other hand, has a crafting grid which is just as experimental; as different arrangements of materials produce different outcomes, it's as much about trying out materials and patterns at random as it is about punching trees.

Much of the interpretation code was done in a rush in the last 12 hours (this being a fallback project) and as such you might have the right word but not be using it correctly. Eat does not require that you specify what. Don't say "go south", say "south". If there's a positive response in some way I might go back and rewrite it to be more playable.

It does have problems on a lot of browsers - I think there might be a memory leak in my JS because Chrome in particular frequently has "out of memory" exceptions that strike at total random.

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Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Sim Something: The game has no explicit goals (other than any goals the players invent for themselves).
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James Wild
Javascript/Concept - James Wild
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Just open in any web browser and go!

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Submitted at Staffs Uni Games Academy (England)


Needs a guide


Working out the names of certain actions was tricky, I ended up going into your source code :P

Also, 'Punch stone' crashes the browser.

I managed to get wrapped up in it for about 20-30 minutes though.
When I yelled out 'YES! I HAVE A STONE SWORD!' in the middle of my Games Design tutorial session, I got some odd looks :S


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