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Mysteries of the Lost Colony

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Short Introduction: 
This is a short, sweet point'n'click adventure game. You play a young reporter who is travelling back in time to investigate the mysterious disappearance of an entire colony of people, almost a century back. You are in charge of finding evidence to prove or disprove various theories about their fate, and ultimately find out what did happen. AFTER: So this ended up being the start of a short adventure game. I got the engine (mostly) in place, but by Sunday that and a small handful of assets was all I had. I'll be continuing to work on this though, probably changing the theme a little, so look forward to a real game coming soon :)
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Point and click, third person, 3D world. Interact with objects and people to solve puzzles.

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unzip, run exe

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Submitted at University of Advancing Technology (United States)


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