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Never Too Late For Love

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A Fallout: New Vegas quest mod about a relationship unraveling (or...becoming "extinct" dun dun dunnnnnn!). The player helps an insecure husband find out if his wife is cheating on him.
Brief Play Description: 

Load up the game and go to the 188 trading post, and talk to Henry Lauder.

*note* - There is no recording voicenote yet, so just talk to Henry again to complete the quest. (you'll know what I mean when you play it)

I'm not entirely sure if a mod qualifies for a submission, (though it does reference GECK here: http://games.spsu.edu/ggj/) but I was not able to make significant contributions to my other project due to delay in coding level editor - so I worked on this instead.

If this is not a legal submission as it is a mod requiring Fallout New Vegas to play, feel free to take it down.

But play it anyways because it's fun! Thanks!

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Bethesda, and Obsidian for development of the original game.
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Put the .esp in the FalloutNV/Data folder. Check the box on the launcher to run.

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Submitted at University of Denver (United States)


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