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Short Introduction: 
A quick art game about balancing nurture and extinction. The player(s) must keep all the plants alive to win. There are limited resources, so use them wisely. Tap the key to nurture the flower. I made this while being the site organizer for our 42 person site here at Miami University. It’s a mini jam project. I'm submitting it early (Sunday morning at 1am, because I have to continue my duties). Thanks for jamming everyone - it was fun!
Intel AppUp (Netbook, PC)
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Warning: art game. Directions are in the game. One player, or multiple players on one keyboard. Everyone must try to keep the environment lush.

Here’s my quick treatment. The player starts with a simplistic, empty field. A single plant grows from the soil, in it is a single letter. The player must tap the corresponding key to nurture the plant. More plants, of other varieties grow around it. The player must tap their keys, nurturing them too. Resources are limited - the color given to the flowers comes from the sun. The game is about balancing resource with effort – like most preservation or conservation. The game is intentionally challenging and “delicate.”

I hope that make sense. This is similar to my critical gameplay games (criticalgameplay.com). I noticed the typo on the title page, so i'll try to correct that before he official close of our event.

Here are the instructions:

Allow the flower to grow
1. When it is fully grown, keep it through nurture. Press the letter on your keyboard
2. Manage your resources, do not spend everything on a single flower. Your resources are shown in the sun.
3. Spell extinction to beat extinction. Keep the letters e,x,t,I,n,c,t,I,o,n on the screen, allowing all the flowers to exist in the same space.
4. Press [esc] to end game, or wait

The music for this game is licensed via creative commons from Kevin McCleod. I use his music often in my games :)

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Bits and Pieces: The game has both physical and digital elements.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Do and Undo: The game features a phase of creation and assemblage, followed by a phase of removal of all traces of expended effort.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Game for a Cause: The game is about a social or political issue that can be solved solely through increased awareness.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Sim Something: The game has no explicit goals (other than any goals the players invent for themselves).
Team Image: 
Art, design and code: Lindsay Grace (http://www.LGrace.com)/(http://www.CriticalGameplay.com) Music: Creative Commons download - Kevin McCleod
Installation Notes: 

For now, I've just uploaded the exe. I'll work on uploading the rest and slapping together a website later.

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Submitted at Miami University (United States)


Upgrading to 3


After reviewing 50 games, I decided this is at least a 3. Basically, I have given very few 1s...It isn't fair to give a 1 to someone that honestly tried, but just didn't have the programming chops to do well. So I'm giving LOTS of 2s, and this game is a lot better than those.


"Intentionally Challenging" is an understatement


I never got CLOSE to winning. I never got within 50% of winning.

On the other hand, I LOVE your art, and the button-mashing gameplay is actually fairly engaging. The fact that "extinction" is on in the same order on the keyboard as it is in the word totally flumoxxed me. :)


Fair enough

Sure it's hard, that's how I make 'em. See notes and description - try it with more than one person (concept - conservation by one, impossible, conservation by many a bit more doable). Have each person tap their own key. I was never very explicit about that, but I was also pretty exhausted from the weekend.


Pat on Back


hmm, maybe if I start voting, others will follow :) Try it with multiple players to make the game easier. It takes more than one person to "save the environment" :)


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