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Our Hopes and Dreams

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game in which you fight the extinction of Aspirations by discovering the hopes and dreams of someone new. No downloads, just connect to aboutourdreams.appspot.com! The src files can be downloaded, but you must set up a brand new Google App (with SDK etc) to play around. See
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Google App Engine
Brief Play Description: 

We're in a world increasingly characterized by Facebook and Twitter, where we participate in a lot of unidirectional shouting about what we've done, where we've gone, what we ate, what we thought. What if instead, we talked about other people? What if we found out not where they've been in life, but where they hope to go?

Our Hopes and Dreams fights two forms of extinction:
1) We fight the extinction of social connection by pairing up two players who have never previously met and providing guidance to help them discover the keywords that represent their stated hopes and dreams.
2) We fight the extinction of aspiration by encouraging players to think about what their hopes are for the future versus focusing on what they've accomplished in the past.

How to Play:
- Answer a few questions about your hopes/dreams.
- Enter chat with another player.
- Try to guess the other player's aspiration words by asking them questions about it.
- Describe your hopes and dreams to the other player to help them guess your aspirations.
- The session 'ends' when both players have correctly discovered all of the other player's aspirations.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Sim Something: The game has no explicit goals (other than any goals the players invent for themselves).
Team Image: 
sara thacher
We are: Jon le Plastrier! Sara Thacher! Rob Jagnow! Robin Yang! We share design credit but in terms of execution, Rob and Jon did the fancy backend server engine techy stuff, and Sara and Robin handled writing UI pretty pictures. We hope you enjoy the game!
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

Installing and running "About Our Dreams" on your local machine.

1) Download application .zip file and unpack it.
2) Install the Google App Engine launcher on your machine and add the unpacked application to the launcher.
3) Start the server and load http://localhost:8080/

Should you want to deploy the application to the App Engine service, you will need to change the application name in the app.yaml

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Submitted at SoCho (United States)


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