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Path To Extinction

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
This fun board game uses beautiful papercraft surrounding an iPad to provide a play surface. The players move their soon-to-be-extinct animals around the jungle paths as the Tiki Gods stir in their slumber. Features a modular board with removable path sections, digitally-adjudicated elements with graphics, and a simple yet compelling gameplay mechanic that is surprisingly deep.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Platform note: 
This is a hybrid iPad/non-digital game.
Brief Play Description: 

Each player takes the role of a soon-to-be-extinct species (Dodo Birds, Sabertooth Tigers, Wooly Mammoths, and Galapagos Tortoises) marooned on the island of the four angry Tiki gods. Players take turns playing movement cards to move them around the path that rings around the edge of the game board, trying to find the safest spot. Stepping on path sections dedicated to a Tiki God causes it to wake up a little more, and when it fully awakens, all creatures standing on its squares fall into the volcano, taking the path sections with them! Of course, if you land on another animal, you can try to appease the Tiki gods by shoving the poor creature into the volcano as a sacrifice. Or maybe you're feeling mischievous and decide to go to the temple of the Tiki god and... poke it. As the game progresses, the animals start dying out, and path sections are removed, leaving great gaps where one step means a lava bath! (Oh, and if that's not enough danger for you, the island's monkeys might grab you, too!)

The game board is made of a papercraft cradle that sits around the iPad. Each section of the path is a separate papercraft item, so as the path starts breaking apart, you actually pull off pieces of the path, revealing the lava below. The programming on the iPad helps adjudicate the game, keeping track of the number of players, how angry the Tiki gods are, and what boons or curses the gods dole out when you poke them.

Achievements and Credits
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Bits and Pieces: The game has both physical and digital elements.
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Hannah McGill
Installation Notes: 

To play this today, you'll need an Apple Developer license to create and compile iPad apps. Once the app is up on the App Store, though, you'll be able to just download and play.

You'll also need to cut out and assemble the physical game board. See attached PDFs for the pieces. Sadly, we didn't have time to put together a comprehensive how-to on making the game board, but it should be pretty self-explanatory if you look at the photos of how the game should look once constructed.

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Submitted at CMT@DACC (United States)


Game is up

The game jam for our team was a success!

We were able to make and test a prototype of the game on the first night, and it was FUN. This was one of those games that just falls right out as being pretty solid; there weren't a lot of changes to the final rules from the initial set.

The programming on the game went pretty smoothly, but there were a LOT of art assets to create. It's a good thing we had as many people on our team as we had, because everyone (except me, the programmer) was producing art all weekend to make this game come to life. We were assembling, printing, cutting, etc. all the way up to the end, but the end result is a fun game with a playful art style that is appropriate for kids and adults.

I just wish we had a weekend now to recuperate...


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