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Planet Buster

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Use moon's gravity slingshot to steer asteroids away to save Earth in 2012-2022 bombardment
Mac OS X+
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Linux / Unix
Platform note: 
3D Engine fully based on WebGL with no 3rd party libraries
Brief Play Description: 

Play now directly! (Requires Chrome 9.0 or FireFox 4.0 beta)
primary: http://planetbuster.no-ip.org/ (ver 1.30)
mirror: http://whyismycomputerslow.com/ (ver 1.25) (faster server)

If you find the asteroids or planets are invisible, try the mirror, and possibly reload with F5 until it is cached in your web browser.

We managed to write a full fledged Game Engine on top of WebGL/JavaScript and made this game on it in 48 hours. Spent another day to polish it (v1.21)

Press F11 to go full screen

Save the earth from an onslaught of asteroids by using the moon's gravitational pull to redirect them. The story starts from 2012 and ends at 2022. If you can hold Earth and moon in one piece after 10 years of asteroids attack, you have saved the human race from going Extinction!

Use the mouse to control the moon. Holding down the left mouse button will add a stronger gravity field to the moon. Collect special asteroid (Green glowing) power ups to gain a moon base power up. This provides a shield and further increases the strength of the gravity field when the mouse button is pressed.

The shield will repair itself if not being attacked in 5 seconds. When exerting strong gravity pull with moon base it will lose energy too. Earth can capture small asteroids and hold them in the orbit to defend other incoming asteroids.

So basic strategy is: Avoid small asteroids to hit moon, let Earth capture them. Use moon to capture green asteroid as much as you can so the moon base will always be charged. Use strong gravity pull to steer big asteroids away from Earth. Either using gravity pull or head on collision will consume moon base's energy so make a balanced decision. Hold on till 2022 and you are the winner!

WARNING: The reference to 2012 apocalypse is purely fictitious. Any similarity to real natural disasters and solution (pun intended) is purely coincidental.

Please try the latest 1.27 or later version of the game, there were major revamps to the engine going on . Computers which previously running at 15~20 FPS now runs at a constant 60 FPS, that's a major usability improvement. The Chrome profiling tool is very useful to help us finding out the weak spot in the code.

Version 1.28 fixed massive memory leak when running on Google Chromium daily build.

Version 1.29 uses intensive profiling to remove almost all engine bottlenecks. The game now draws insanely fast! Previously only able to handle up to 100 asteroids, now able to handle 2000+ at contant 60 FPS. Font engine is capable of drawing 275K chars/s.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Bo Zhang
Installation Notes: 

Requires Web GL enabled browser, no plug-ins required. Developed using Chrome. Testing confirmed to work in Firefox 4 with WebGL enabled.

Update: Chrome 9.0 has WebGL enabled by default. Install or update to Chrome 9.0 to play directly.

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Submitted at Auckland (New Zealand)


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