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Planet Vegas

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A team of inventors have created mechanical prototypes that would have fertilized and brought life back to the desert lands of Vegas after all the years of pollution. The idea of it all worked but as the plants grew they also started develop a new self awareness. Now the new breed of plants has began an invasion on the city of sin , and threaten to wipe out its inhabitants. It is up to you to put a stop to this take over and ensure mankinds survival.
Brief Play Description: 

Side Scroll in UDK To play in the editor use E or enter to spray to walk use A and D, space to jump, But in the case you play it in the Exe game use W to move forward and S to walk backwards.

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Installation Notes: 

DownLoad UDK exe. 2010-06 beta. From thier website http://www.udk.com/download Then go to C: drive->UDK->udk-2010-06->udkGame-> and drop all the folders in the udk.content zip. Now open the unzip deveop.scr folder. Since you should still be ind udkGame folder drop the Config folder there. now same process go to the C:drive-> Udk->udk-2010-06 -> Development -> src->Drop the GameJam folder into there. Now go to your start menu Unreal Development Kit in the folder open up Unreal Frontend. Click on Make to compile everything. You can then cook it which if you opened up the actual game go to instant action pick level gameJa and run it. Or to actually see our custom character while in frontend Click on browse under the Game tab. choose level gameJa then just press launch. In case that doesnt work click editor then it will open up and to play just click on the icon that looks like a joystick and there it is.

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Submitted at International Academy of Design and Technology (United States)


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