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Polymer, a cooperative / competitive board game for couples

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Originally about the extinction of a sex life within a marriage, now I guess it's just about the extinction of commitment / love / trust / whatever in a marriage.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

> Materials
- 2 player pieces
- 2 dice
- "Polymer" game board
- deck of "Polymer" cards

> Setup
Two players (of any genders) form a "marriage." Both player pieces start at point A. Shuffle the cards and put the deck on the board.

> How to win
Reach point B with the most points, which you get by keeping cards in your hand.

There are two types of points: "Marriage" points and "Divorce" points.

Marriage points only count if both players are together at the end, while Divorce points only count if they're separate at the end. (Various point values are printed on each card.)

> How to play
If a player is further ahead, they take their turn first. If players are together, they take their turns at the same time and must negotiate conflicts with turn-taking if any arise.

1) Roll your die and move your piece. (If you are together, average the value of both dies and always round down to the nearest integer, then move both together that many spaces.)
2) For every "Event" you encounter when moving, draw a card. You can have 4 cards at most in your hand.
3) Play a card if you want, even if it'll have no effect and you just want to get rid of it. After you play a card, shuffle it back into the deck.
4) Repeat until you get to the end, either as a pair or as individuals.

> Rule conflicts
Some rule conflicts are intentional; both players must negotiate to find a solution that both agree to. JUST LIKE REAL MARRIAGE?!

> Cards
Here are the various cards we developed / prototyped. "1M" = 1 marriage point, etc.

"AFFAIR", 3D. Other spouse doesn't move next turn.
"SWINGERS", 1M 1D. Each spouse discards one of other spouse's cards.
"SECOND HONEYMOON", 1M. Each spouse gives a card to the other spouse.
"LOYALTY", 2M. The spouse further ahead must re-join the other spouse.
"GREED", 1D. You move forward 1 space, your spouse moves back 1 space.
"TENDERNESS", 2M. Both draw an extra card, but only if you're together.
"IN-LAWS", 1M 2D. Each spouse rolls again; a higher die roll = a more annoying in-law, take the difference between the dice and move forward that many spaces.
"OPEN MARRIAGE?" ?M ?D. Roll a die at the end of the game, and that's how many points you get. (max. of 3)
"PRE-NUP", 2D. Double your next dice throw.
"GUILT", 1D. If together, move the other spouse forward a space. From then on, you can't get together for the next 2 turns.
"MORTGAGE", -1M -1D. Both players move at most 4 spaces for the next 2 turns.
"KIDS", 2M 2D. Give "kids" to the other player, then go straight to point B by yourself.
"TRUST?", 3M. Separate for up to 3 turns (negotiate)... at the end, either stay separate OR the back spouse joins ahead with the further spouse.
"FLEXIBILITY", 2M. If together, you won't separate for the next 1-3 turns. (Negotiate.)
"DATE NIGHT", 1M 1D. You roll again; a successful date night (die roll > 3) brings both spouses together.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Based on a True Story: The game must be biographical or documentary.
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Couples Game: The game only makes sense if played together with you and your romantic partner.
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Design: Eddie Cameron + Robert Yang
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Submitted at NYU Game Center (United States)


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