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Short Introduction: 
Card game based on "and then the lights went out" try to force your opponent to have more burned out cards then you.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Platform note: 
Uses real cards
Brief Play Description: 

The idea is to make the opponent's burned deck as large as possible.

Cards have 3-7 printed on them and have ROYGBIV in various combinations and darkness cards.

Your objective is to play and match ROYGBIV cards against your opponent until they can't play any cards.

Each round both players draw a card randomly and flip it over, they draw that many cards and add them to a deck (if any) then shuffle that deck.

Play commences with the player with the largest deck and burn deck (in the event of a tie, flip a card each and compare values until there's no tie) playing a card first from their hand, the other play must match that colour with a card from their hand, if they can not they pick up the pile of cards and add it to thier hand.

Players can also play darkness cards along with the colour cards they play one a turn or by themselves if you are the first person to play this turn, darkness cards are not added to the other players hand instead sent directly to the burned deck.

Players can play 4 cards that have every colour of the rainbow on them (so for example a ROY, G, BI and V card could be played) in addition to a darkness card, this sends all 5 cards directly into your opponent's burned deck

Play continues turn about until one player has no cards left (this can take several turns and have a lot of back and forth but eventually one player will run out of cards.

When this occurs the round is over, each player shuffles thier deck (if any) and reveals a card randomly, they may take up to that many cards across to the next round, setting the rest of their burned deck aside.

The idea is to make the opponent's burned deck as large as possible.

Play continues until one player has 20 cards in thier burned deck or there are no more cards to play and the player with most burned cards looses.

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Print out using full duplex, back to back
Cut out cards

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Submitted at Qantm College London (England)


Game completed


Here you go everyone, the game is finished simply print out the cards included (feel free to print out multiple copies for larger decks) and enjoy!


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