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Super Cave-Man: Dino Extinction

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The true story of one of the manliest endeavors in the history of the world. Take control of four cavemen in a quest to put an end to Dinos forever. Why? Because you can. All game assets are 100% original. Play by yourself or with up to 4 players.
Brief Play Description: 

Top-down action has never been so manly or historically accurate. Defend yourself against wave upon wave of angry dinosaurs. Each player has his/her own health (a colored ring, green=full, red=RUN) and kill counter. Choose to cooperate with your friends or kill them off when they least expect it. Use your shields together to form defensive formations like a roman phalanx. Single Player mode available.

Player abilities:
Jab: A quick spear thrust, sure to skewer any dinos in your way.
Defend: When acid spitting dinosaurs surround you, use your shield to block the projectiles.
Shield Thrust: Press the attack button while defending to shield thrust. This handy move pushes back raptors and triceratops that threaten to overwhelm you.
Throw: Hold down the throw button for a second and release to toss your spear across the map, destroying any dinos in its line of fire. It also will damage your fellow teammates, so be careful.

Raptor: Basic melee enemies. They sure have a lot of blood though.
Dilophosaurus: Ranged enemies. They appear in large groups and spit green goo at you. Yum.
Pterodactyl: Flying enemies. They circle you and spit scorching balls of fire at you. Try throwing your spear.
Triceratops: Slow and lumbering, these enemies take multiple hits, but they always leave behind valuable health pickups, so team up and hunt-em down!

Other manly things:
Boulders: When playing with less than 4 people, you will see these scattered around the play field. Boulders act as cover from projectiles.
Dino Meat: Dropped by Triceratops, and occasionally by other dinos, dino meat has a great sweet/smoky flavor. It is best when eaten raw and with your bare hands. It also increases health.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Ian Phillpotts
Lead programmer: Matthew Gold Programmer: Jonathan McGuckin Animator: Ian Phillpotts Audio/Graphic Artist: Jim Nguyen Designer: Britt Briscoe
Installation Notes: 

The game file is a standalone exe, ready to play.
To play with 4 players, you need two USB gamepads.
With just the keyboard, you can only play with 1 or 2 players.

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Submitted at Georgia SPSU (United States)


Finished Version


We have completed the finished version of the game.
It is much improved, and has many new features such as an addictive VS mode, a player-select screen, and online highscore tables.
We left the official GGJ submission up for download, but please download the finished version if you want the full experience.



AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!! (i'm the kid who came in yesterday)


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