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Short Introduction: 
"Thawed," is a minimalist and poetic text adventure.
Mac OS X+
Brief Play Description: 

"Thawed" is a simple multiple-choice text adventure game. You play as a polar bear whose species is on the brink of extinction. Your goal is to navigate the text-based world to find a mate and procreate, but also just to explore. Serene music and arctic sounds accompany you as you make your way through Inuit huts, desolate ponds, confrontations with other polar bears and finally, meeting your mate. The journey is both existential and poetic, with hints of comedy. It plays with minimalism and music to invoke your imagination and immerse you into the confined, yet exhaustive life of a polar bear.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Lead Writer: Robert Meyer, Lead Programmer: Grant Reid, Assistant Writer: Grant Reid, Assistant Programmer: Robert Meyer, Music: Nate Semprebon and Robert Meyer
Installation Notes: 

The easiest way is to download the THAWED.zip file (this contains the other 2 (jar and wav files), which you can download individually if you like: see blow). Once downloaded, open the zip file to release the folder entitled "THAWED" and drag this folder to your desktop.

Then for Mac OS X:
-Open Terminal (for those unfamiliar, all Macs have Terminal. In the Searchlight icon in the right simply type "Terminal" and hit enter, or go to the applications folder and double click Terminal)
-Type: cd desktop and then hit enter
-Type: cd Thawed and hit enter
(Note: these commands are specific to the Thawed folder being on your desktop)
-Enter: java -jar thawed.jar into the terminal and press enter. The music should begin and the game will play out in the Terminal itself.

(If you get an error message, open Java Preferences (via the searchlight) and make sure Java SE 6 is on top. If not, simply drag it to the top and try again.)

For Windows:
Everything is the same except use command line.

If you move the files just make sure you keep the polarsound.wav file in the same directory as the thawed.jar file, else the game will not run. There are also instructions in a text file that come included with the zip file.

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Submitted at NYU Game Center (United States)


Excellent Game! Save those


Excellent Game! Save those Polar Bears!
Mad props to Rob for putting together a magnificent narrative in only a few hours!


I'd just like to congratulate


I'd just like to congratulate Grant, our amazing head Java programmer for practically learning everything needed to do this project, then programming it all in 48 amazing hours!



Excellent game!


Excellent game!


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