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Timeosaurus Rex

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Meteorites are crashing down on the Earth, putting the dinosaur species at risk of extinction. In order to survive, you must teleport to the future by unlocking a time portal before it's too late. Do you choose to take other dinosaurs with you to safety, or will you leave them to die?
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Justin Gold
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Submitted at _IGM_: Department of Interactive Games & Media, RIT (United States)

Justin Gold

Timeosaurus Rex executable version

The executable version of this game can be found here: TimeRex_GGJ2011release You may also need to download the Microsoft XNA 3.1 Restributable in order to play, if you do not already have it.

Justin Gold

Source Code Update And Instructions

An updated version of the source code has been loaded to this page titled "Timeosaurus Rex - Source Code.rar" which is more stable and closer to the game concept than "Project Folder.zip." In order to open the file you will need software that can decompress .rar files (i.e. winrar ) After decompressing the folder please read the included "readme.txt" file as well as "license.txt"

This folder contains the full source code with everything needed to run the game. However, there isn't an ".exe" file located in the folder, so you will have to compile it yourself in order to play it. To do this you will need a C# compiler , as well as XNA 3.1 or higher.

To run the game you must open the “TimeRex.sln” file located in the TimeosaurusRex folder. Doing so should open up the project in visual studio. Once open, compile it by pressing F5, and the game should be able to run.

If there are any future updates to this game, including an executable version, I will try to post it to this page.

Thank you for your interest in "Timeosaurus Rex." I hope you enjoy it.


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