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Trim: Corporate Culling

Game Information
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A card game about the value of life and how much more valuable it becomes the less of it there is.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

Players take turns revealing and capturing creatures, while attempting to kill as many as possible to make remaining creatures worth more. In some cases causing entire species to go extinct in order to beat other players.

Achievements and Credits
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Captain Honesty
Created by Justin Adams, Brian Frantz, Special Thanks to James Portnow, Jen Sward, Jon Doran, Ben Fraiser, Sam Dassler Grant Wynn, Robin Woodbury, David Grayson, Chris Cooper, Danny Weiss, Trace McCormack, M.J. Gardner, Jason Tipton
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Submitted at DigiPen Institute of Technology (United States)

Captain Honesty

Unbiased review


As a person who is by all means completely unrelated and has absolutely no connection to the development of "Trim: Corporate Culling" I can honestly and genuinely say that this game is truly the most magnificent, amazing, arresting, august, brilliant, chivalric, commanding, elegant, elevated, exalted, excellent, fine, glittering, gorgeous, grand, grandiose, high-minded, imperial, imposing, impressive, lavish, lofty, luxurious, magnanimous, magnific, majestic, noble, opulent, outstanding, palatial, plush, pompous, posh, proud, radiant, regal, resplendent, rich, royal, smashing, splendid, standout, stately, striking, sublime, sumptuous, superb, superior, superlative, swanky, towering, transcendent, glorious, and wonderful game ever. This statement comes from the heart, and is in no way some form of hyperbole, or biased judgement, or list of adjectives from thesaurus.com.

Captain Honesty, a name you can trust.


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