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Play as one of five Villainous archetypes, in this boardgame of world annihilation.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
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You play as one of five Megolamanical villains, bent on bringing the extinction of the human race.
The Biologist studies viruses and diseases, and has chosen to wipe out humanity by engineering more and more fearsome diseases to spread through humanity. Use the tools of your trade, level up, and wipe out humanity.

The Diplomat plays the part of upstanding citizen, while plotting with enemy nations to bring destruction from within, causing wars, bribing politicians, and generally making things bad for everyone.

The Mad Scientist is a genetics researcher who has watched too many horror movies. By mutating and splicing the genomes of whatever creatures they can find, the Mad Scientist unleashes furry(or scaly, or slimy) death upon all.

The Inventor creates doomsday devices which alter the planet’s weather or tectonics, unleashing the forces of nature to wipe them all out.

The Cult Leader uses charm and superstition to convince the impressionable masses to give their lives for his mad causes.

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Submitted at NBCC Miramichi (Canada)


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