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Without Thought We Have Nothing

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game about the suppression and extinction of thought.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

This game is unfinished. As is, personally, often the case, my idea was rather overambitious. The idea was to have multiple thought-rooms connected (and randomly generated). Some of the thought-rooms would be falling apart. There would also be washer's wandering around, cleansing thought-rooms and their denizen's into saccharine passivity.

What's been uploaded is hardly close.

Achievements and Credits
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Back to School, OLD School: The game must have a screen resolution of exactly 160x144, is restricted to a color palette of four shades of the same color, and the game must be 1 Megabyte or less on disk (incl. executable, all assets and external libraries, unzipped)
GGJ-2011 Achievements: 
Sim Something: The game has no explicit goals (other than any goals the players invent for themselves).
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Installation Notes: 

The small versions don't use flixel's graphics scaling to display at higher resolutions.

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Submitted at UW Game Development Club (Canada)


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