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World Devourer

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
You are a creature who has landed on a new planet. Where you came from or how you got there, you do not care. You only know one thing: Eat, consume, devour.
Platform note: 
XNA 3.1
Brief Play Description: 

You control a group of creatures simply called devourers, and they eat everything. By eating objects such as rabbits and bears, your devourers gain size and when they grow large enough, they gain access to abilities. The most important of these abilities is division: You sacrafice some of the size of one of your devourers to add a new member to your swarm.

Ultimately your goal is to take down the most powerful object on Earth: a gaint mech. If you can destroy that, then nothing can stop you from consuming all life on the planet.

There were a few planned feature that we did not have the time to add:

Evolution: Currently, you can sacrifice one of your swarm to gain evolution points. The plan was to have you be able to spend these points on upgrade. Currently you can open/close the evolution window and see some of the stats, but you can not spend any points.

More objects: We wanted to use a number of objects across several areas, but we only had time to make the three that would be for the forest area and the boss.

Explosion Ability: The plan was to have an explosion ability for the Devourers where you could sacrifice a Devourer to deal heavy damage to an object.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Background Songs: Audio For Forest - Spider Eyes, Audio For Win - Song of the Volga Boatmen, Audio For Loss - Somewhere Sunny Audio files for game objects: Trees - timber.wav - Hazure, Eating - eating chips.wav - Freqman, Boss - anime_mecha.wav - Syna-Max, Devourer - Rhino.wav - Patchmen, Bears - Monster.Growl_01 - Aesqe, Bunny - Slaughters04 - Dobroide Songs were used from www.incompetech.com Audio files were used from http://www.freesound.org/ Thanks to each of them for helping bring this game to light.
Installation Notes: 

One note: You may need Winzip/Winrar to unzip the files.

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Submitted at triOS College Toronto GGJ (Canada)


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