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Zombies R Delicious

Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In the border of desperation after the food resources run out, the last humans discovered that zombies are delicious.
Brief Play Description: 

The objective of the game is to survive the attacks of a zombie attack.
You shoot your weapon with Spacebar.
You gain a point by killing a zombie.
A dead zombie is a delicious zombie! When a zombie is down, you can pick it up and return it to base for food. Careful, though: when you are carrying a zombie, you can't defend yourself.
You lose a life when a zombie touches you, or if a zombie reaches your base.
The game is over when you run out of lives.

Achievements and Credits
Team Image: 
Rafael Burrola
Héctor Ureña Gómez
Art: Thannia Blanchet and Héctor Ureña Gómez Programming: Rafael Burrola Video: Thannia Blancher Voices: Thannia Blanchet and Sergio Gerardo Téllez Music: * "Stay away from the Zombies!" by RaggedyAnarchis * "Curiosity" by Pushbar Original Idea: Sergio Gerardo Téllez Special Thanks: *Omar Rigoberto Hernandez Sapiéns *Christian Asael Velazquez Estrada *Sergio Fernando Téllez *David Magaña *Coca-Cola *The Russian Dancing Men *Hermano Fernando
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

* Unzip the file.
* Run "Setup.exe"

(Note: When you play the game, you'll see it's called "Braile_Talker". This is because we made that game to practice XNA and use it as a base for this game, and we forgot to change the name.)

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Submitted at ULSA Obregon (Mexico)


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