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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A Boardgame of team-work and backstabbing.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 

A coven of hags are trapped in the never-ending Ouroboros Forest. Their only escape is to form a group hug around one of their number - an act that will free free the huggers, at the expense of the hugged. With the enchanted forest closing around them, what alliances will be formed and broken in the witches' attempts to single out their sacrifice?


Accessability notes:

Re-mappable controls: Yes - you can use any part of your body to do this, or get someone to move them for you.

Additional control customisation : Yes - you can control the game however you like, even left handed.

One button control : Yes - our game has NO BUTTONS. Win.

Alternative controller support : Yes. Didn't we already cover this? You can get someone else to control it for you. Or use a stick maybe? You can move your pieces HOWEVER YOU LIKE!

Start the game with a single input : Open the box. That's the start.

Audio : No information requires audio.

Alternatives to sound : There is no sound. Everything that exists is an alternative to this.

Seperate volume controls : You can ask the people around you to speak up / quiet down? It's a boardgame.

Avoids colour combinations : Our board elements are distinguished through shape, not colour.

High contrast colours : Yes. everything is high enough contrast.

Difficulty and speed settings : Play with anyone you like at whatever speed you like.

Training mode : Play all the sides on your own before hand to get the jist of the game.

Timers : No mechanics that are timing specific.

List the features : We just did this.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Bitter Cold

Looks awesome! The video was

Looks awesome! The video was pretty amusing, and the tiles look nice! The witch tokens especially.

I'll print 'em out and see if I can round up some people to play it!

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