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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
This is a game were you play one of three extraordinarily hungry creatures that are out to eat each other. However, they can only hunt one of the others at the same time, so each of the three creatures will be hunting one creature, while they are being chased by the other. Try to hunt for your ever-switching prey, aim at their weak point: the tail, and dodge your ferocious enemy.
Brief Play Description: 

NOTE: THIS GAME IS EXCLUSIVELY MULTIPLAYER. It cannot be played singleplayer. Two players will work, but to really play the game you need three players.

Gamepads are highly recommended for this game. Three gamepads is ideal, two gamepads will work, one gamepad will result in keyboard problems and no gamepads makes the game practically unplayable (with three players).


The game is played by three players at the same time in split-screen. The goal of the game is to eat your opponent by touching their tail.

There is a twist, however: at any given time, you can only eat the player designated as your prey, and are unable to harm the third player, who is in turn hunting you but unable to harm your prey.

For example, if Blue is attacking Red, Red cannot harm Blue. Red's prey is Yellow, and Yellow is unable to harm Red, since his specified prey is Blue.
In other words, you are always both the hunter and the hunted, chasing another player while being chased by the third player.

Moreover, whenever somebody is eaten, the prey<->hunter relationship is inverted; if Red is being chased by Blue and he eats Yellow, he can turn the tables around as Red's target is now Blue while Blue's target is Yellow (and he is thus unable to harm Red).

Whenever you eat a prey, you get a point. The first player to reach 10 points wins the game.

Catching prey is not as easy as it sounds, however - each player leaves behind a slime trail wherever he or she moves. Players moving over an opponent's slime trail will slide over it, unable to rotate. Careful steering will make you lose your pursuer!

You can also jump in the game, but only if you are standing still (that includes the rest of your body, which keeps moving a bit even when the head stops - trying to dodge with a jump leaves you very vulnerable). This can be used to reach higher places you can't reach by simply moving over the surface.

There are also powerups with various effects that spawn at certain locations whenever a player is eaten. They are used immediately on pickup.


The game consists of three executables; all of them run the game but on a different map (we had no time to create a proper level select screen).

Keyboard controls:
Red: Arrow keys to move, Right Shift to jump
Yellow: YGHJ to move, Space to jump
Blue: WASD to move, Z to jump


Entire game + source code + other stuff: http://jpftp.mine.nu/alchemunchers/alchemunchers.zip (560 MB)

Game only: http://jpftp.mine.nu/alchemunchers/alchemunchers-game.rar (74 MB)
MediaFire mirror: http://www.mediafire.com/?mxe8c96ilimqgc6


No Alchemunchers were harmed during the production of this game.

By Team MacROPhagE

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Made by Robin Bosma, Marissa Engels, Anne van Leeuwen, Julia van Rosmalen, Ferry Spelbos and Vincent de Zwaan. Special thanks to Ivo van Dijk for the music.
Installation Notes: 

Just run any of the three executables to play. Which executable you run determines which map you play on.

To modify the game, you will need Unity Pro 3.4. Just open the /src/ folder as a Unity Project.

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