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Ali Baba & The Djinn's Oasis

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Using the context of Arabian Nights, Ali Baba&The Djinn's Oasis, promotes classical Arabic Games and Sports, like "Falconeering", "Camel Racing", etc. Game play consists of 6 oasises with different games, using 3 levels on each oasis. Getting a piece of a map, and if perfection, also an "opal", the last level is a game of marbles, which also is the key to the Djinn's Oasis and his cave. If Ali Baba wins he gets the princess, the kingdom, and also a new level. With a fight against the Djinn. This is a familygame, which can be played on any plattform. With arabic cultural context, such as music, language, design, history. Easily transformed into sequels, like Aladdin, Sinbad, and so on...
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Brief Play Description: 

After Ali Baba's victory over the 40 thieves, he is the richest man in the Arabian kingdom. Now he want's to marry the Sultans daughter, Princess Layla. However there is also Sheijk Gahwar "The Mhar", who plans to get the princess and then kill the Sultan, to become the new king. The Sultan, who is very traditional, arranges the Arabic Games, for all the princes and sheik's who wants to marry Princess Layla. The Sheik Gahwar uses the dark of the night and his "servant" The Djinn, an evil demon, to kill every rival, except Ali Baba. The game then consists of Ali Baba trying to find the Djinn's Oasis and his cave, for revenge and for having the tremendous Treasure. Going throug the different levels and mastering the different games, like Falconeering, he will finaly get the "opals" and a map, which leads through the several types of oasises, and finally to the Djinn's Oasis. The opals are used for the final game, a game of marbles, which opens the door to the cave where the Djinn live's. Answering three questions, Ali Baba, comes to the final Oasis where he battles "The Djinn", fighting through the different Arabic Games and sports he has mastered. If he loses. Sheik Gahwar will steal the princess and let the Djinn devour Ali Baba. Winning the game Ali Baba will marry the princess Layla and be the Sultan. If he is mastering the levels on the highest difficulty, he will get "PERFECTION", and will get a discount on the next "game", in the Arabian Adventures".

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
From left to right: Mostafa Rubeiy, Culture, Design Lari Pitkä-Kangas, Project Manager, Music, Presentation, Business Björn Bergman, Design, Artist Calle Leppäjoki, Tech, Programming, Hamid Ali, Culture, Voice Over, Design
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