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Ancient Challenge

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
According to old traditions, civilizations measured time in cycles. The sacred calendar of 2,477,671 days cycle indicates the end of the Ouroboros and only one of the civilizations of the world would be left to the next cycle. In the final days of his life, the grandfather of kolipoki gives him a medallion, saying that artifact had the secret to change the cycle of the new era. The day has come when the shaman in each tribe brings together young people with the medallion to the challenge, where only one can survive. Conjuring the writings on the medallion, young people are taken to another dimension and come face to face with the Ouroboros, therefore, challenged to a proof of life or death. (Translated by google)
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Brief Play Description: 

You must jump and survive as long as you can.

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Where are the game? o.O

Where are the game? o.O

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