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Game Information
Platform note: 
Unreal Engine
Brief Play Description: 

In an environment built upon timing and cycles, you jump between three levels, cycling back and forth between Norse heaven and hell. While doing so you are gathering the items of the fallen warriors, you bringing their souls back to Asgard where they can be reborn. If you fail to retrieve all the items, you will be left to die and join the corpses of fallen Valkyries. Your goal is to bring back the balance of life, death, and rebirth, fulfill fate of Valkyries to be the symbol of Jormungandr (the Norse Ouroboros), and bring the lost spirits to their rightful place.

Travel between the three levels of Yggdrasil, from Niflheim to Midgard to Asgard to gather the armor from the fallen Valkyries, to regain your power from Loki who tricked you into giving up your armor. Only when all the pieces of dead Valkyries are collected, you can prove to Loki that you are truly worthy of your power.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Jaclyn Lake - Modeler, Team lead, Texture Artist, Programmer; Zak Schiller - Modeler, Concept Art, Texture Artist; Andrew Martinson - Modeler; Monica Lazarus - Modeler; Ashley Sarroca - Concept Art, Texturing, Modeling; Charlie Hafer - Sound Designer; Jason Myers - Sound Designer; Michael Bond - Sound Designer; Laythan Whitmire - Modeler; Andy Wegener - Animator, Modeler; Jina Noh - 2D Art, Storyboards, Cinematic Art;
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