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Archangel - Angels vs Demons

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Pyrotronics-Games.com provides you with a never ending style Impossible Siege. Be heavens hero and defend the gates against the onslaught. Tear back the tides and destroy their bases with your friends through multiplayer support.
Platform note: 
This game is intense! Be prepared.
Brief Play Description: 

You are an angel defending the gates of Heaven. You must seek and destroy the 10 bases of demons as they send their onslaught toward you. You can teleport back to the start, you can cast a variety of simple AOE spells some that are instant cast and some that charge. Choose your spells wisely as you can easily become overrun and lose.

Story Synopsis:
The Angels, are being who have great power and glory given to them by the Gods. They guard the gates of Heaven, watch over the mortals, and defend Heaven and earth against the Demons of Hell..
Since the beginning of time, the Demons have fought against Heaven, for power and control, but have never had success.
Amongst the Angels in Heaven was one whose name was Lucius, and was a captain in the Heavenly armies and led many angels into battle, he himself being a fearsome warrior. Over time though, he wanted more power, more so then the Gods, he wanted to be the God of Gods, the ruler of all. In his attempt to overthrow the Gods he was captured by Alexander, supreme commander and leader of the Archangels, and was sentenced to Hell for eternity for his treason. Lucius was enraged, and vowed that he would some day return.. since then, he has been known as Asmodeus, and is the King of the Demons..
Asmodeus in his rage, devised a plan against the Gods. Since he had been an Angel, he knew where Heaven was located, and now that he has legions of demons under his command, he's waging war against the Gods, and is taking his armies to the gates of Heaven, where the Archangels await their arrival.
The Angels have defended Heaven since the beginning of time, and have fought many wars against the Demons and never fallen, but this time, the Demons are being led by one of their own, and are now a threat to the Gods.
All of humanity depend on the Angels Now!!!

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Collaborative Casual/Hardcore: (Two players: one casual, one hardcore) Collaborative play for two, but one player has more to do than the other (or the difficulty level is different between them).
Team Image: 
Garage Games T3D Engine Arcane FX by Jeff Faust Universal AI kit by Twisted Jenius Torsion by Sickhead Games Project Managment: Brian Libby Jesse James Lord Programmers: Jesse James Lord Concept Artists: Ricky Hall Mark Goodloe Modelers: Brian Libby Richard Rodriguez Antonio Pichardo Level Design: Ronald Sowash Jesse James Lord Shawn Gumucio Sound Designers: Josh Simmons Game Concept Designers: Shawn Gumucio Ronald Sowash David Walpert
Installation Notes: 

No installation required. Just open up the folder "Archangel - Angels vs Demons" and double click on the "Angels vs Demons.exe" to start the game. The preference files are setup to auto start a Multiplayer server. If you have more computers on the LAN just have them open up the game and choose join game and select the one they want. Good luck its really hard!

These three products were used to cut down on a large amount of the coding and work.


The Universal Ai Starter Kit

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