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A.R.S. Awful Robot Slaves

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The land is ripe for production. As the almighty overlord it is your duty to assist the robot slave population. Help them reproduce, develop energy, get smarter, and obtain iFads. Everyone wants an iFad! The robot slave populace will not last long without your assistance. They may have awfully short life spans, but they will work tirelessly. Can you help them survive long enough to fend off the swarm invaders?
Platform note: 
Built with Unity3d and Visual Studio
Brief Play Description: 

- How to Play -
Left click on a robot, or drag select, right click on a destination. Send your robots to different buildings for different power ups. Your aim is to build iFads in the factory, these provide the best score bonus.

- Build your Slaves -
You need energy to build more robots. Select your initial robots and send them to the Mine to make more energy.

- Defend yourself -
1000 invaders will attack after some time. Make sure you have a large robot slave population to fend them off. Otherwise you'll have to start all over again.

- Winning the Game -
You will win the game if you survive the onslaught of 1000 invaders. Having many iFads will also multiply your final score.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Swarm: (1000+ enemies in play at once) The game is designed to have over 1000 enemies in play at once.
Team Image: 
Reynaldo Leon Lor Steven Emmerich
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Updated game files.

We updated the game to fix some major game play bugs and tweaked some XML settings. The game is now more play-able, but there are still some small bugs.

- We have a bug that won't let you win or lose if you play consecutively.
- Make sure to quit and start over if you want to play again.


Working off site and beating the deadline.

A finished game! Wow! We ended up with a two man team, yet we created a game that we both really like. We're big fans of world domination and so making a micro RTS was an easy choice.

This year we cut down the number of systems that we hoped to integrate, but the game play still feels fun. It's the kind of game that could help you kill hours on your train commute home.

We barely made the deadline, but with only two people it was an amazing feat. There are of course a few bugs and the UI is not as solid. However, we're going to keep working through the night and update our build tomorrow.

Hope you all like our game.



So where did Saturday go? I feel like it was just Friday night and we were knee deep in development. Well it seems that Saturday was super productive. Steve coded his ass off, seriously he did, and we had a working demo.

Today we're adding enemies and the UI. Afterwards I'll get back to the art and try to give it a polish pass. Hopefully we'll have enough time to play test the game for a while and balance it out. We designed it with most of the game play variables set through XML; should allow us to craft the user experience a bit.

That's the plan anyway. We designed only what we thought could be handled by a two person team. So far so good, haven't had to cut any features yet. Wish us luck.


Brainstorm, planning, lists, Go!

Another wonderful year of making games is under way and with the Global Game Jam it's always interesting. This year is the first time I'm not working at a site, but rather remotely. The team is also much smaller, but after 3 years of doing this we've learned that more planning and a smaller scope is the way to go.

We are once again aiming for a scaled down RTS, although this game may turn out to be more of a simulation. It may be rather fitting given our theme. This year we're making robot slaves. They are created, they live, they die, and the cycle begins again. We'll see how the game turns out, but so far we're off and running.

I can't wait for Sunday and to spend some face time with everyone at the GMU site. I'm sure they're working hard and by this point all the sleeping surfaces must be spoken for. At least we won't have to deal with traversing the snow.

More later, back to work...

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