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Ascent | Descent

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Ascent | Descent is a metaphysical/cerebral platformer based on the Game of Life by John Conway. Please note the user programs inside of the game by placing new blocks into the game that are then affected by the rules for the Game of Life. We considered this to be a form of programming as it is altering the flow of a Turing-complete environment.
Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
The Right Target Audience: (Programming during play) The game involves the players actually programming while playing.
Team Image: 
<Categories and names in alphabetical order> 3D Rendering: - Jin Latt ; Concepting: - Kyle Hansen - Sadie Hickman - Michael Fulker - Andrew Gross - Anthony Pecoraro ; Concept Art: - Michael Fulker - Sadie Hickman ; Design: - Andrew Gross ; Level Art: - Joel Fulker - Sadie Hickman - Erik Saulnier ; Level Design: - Michael Fulker - Kyle Hansen ; Programming: - Michael Fulker - Andrew Gross - Kyle Hansen ; Project Management: - Andrew Gross ; Sound Design: - Erik Saulnier ; Writing: - Buddy Beaudoin - Sadie Hickman - Anthony Pecoraro ; Audio Credits: - Kevin MacLeod ; Font Credits: - Anthony Robinson
Installation Notes: 

First make sure you have XNA framework redist installed.
Then just unzip & run exe.

major version history:
2012-02-04 - 1.2 - Updated background art. Fixed bugs with player-invoked tile placement. Changing question choice selection to use mouse.
2012-02-01 - 1.1 - Updated level-loading & level definitions. (You can now define your own levels in text file.)
2012-01-29 - 1.0 - Initial GGJ release.

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Ouroboros = The Game of Life. That...is genius. Seriously, give the person who came up with the idea a medal.

And yes, I did play it. It was quite fun, although the time you're able to place blocks seems to be a bit inconsistent.


Thank You

We had the idea going into the event of using the game of life for a platformer; as was mentioned before. When we heard the theme I thought that the symmetry between the two concepts could not have been better.

This is also what led into the idea of the question system and changing backgrounds, we wanted to establish this idea of constant change where nothing seemed constant; we wanted the world to evolve around the player while the player's choices helped shape how the world evolved.

Thank you for taking the time to play our game, we look forward to the continued improvement of Ascent|Descent.



Thanks. I actually vaguely thought up the game idea the day before the theme was announced. ("Gosh I hope we can incorporate a Game of Life platformer-thing into whatever the theme will be...")

And yeah, the earlier version of our Game of Life engine didn't always handle player-placed tiles. It should be fixed in this latest upload.

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