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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A Phoenix named Feng is summoned to stop the planet from being consumed by darkness, and restore the light. Darkness is scattered between the clouds, trees, and ground, and Feng must absorb as much darkness as possible before being turned into Ashes.
Brief Play Description: 

Your player constantly scrolls to the right of the screen, and your goal is to jump between platforms to collect the dark orbs. As you collect dark orbs the world becomes lighter, but your character becomes darker. The game ends when you absorb enough dark orbs to turn into Ashes.

Controls (Keyboard):

Move Left - Left Arrow / A Key
Move Right - Right Arrow / D Key
Jump - Up Arrow / W Key
Attack - Space Bar / Enter
Start Game - Down Arrow / S Key

Controls (XBOX 360 Controller):

Move - Left Stick / Right Stick / Dpad
Jump - A / X / RB / RT
Attack - B / Y / LB / LT
Start Game - Pause / Back

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