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AstroDroids 2 - Return of the CosmoBots... from outer space!

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Would it not be cool to play a game on a projector with your phone as controller? With Astro Droids 2 - Return of the Cosmo Bots...FROM SPACE! you can! Each Player downloads our android app trough a QR code shown on the projector. From there on the retro space battle is on! Defend you own base and destroy the other team's base to win
Android mobile device
Platform note: 
Needs a server running on a windows machine, and android devices for clients
Brief Play Description: 

Cooperate to destroy the enemy base while protecting your own.

Tilt phone to move. Touch the screen to shoot. Move close to the shield or turret to control them, and shake your phone to break free.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Installation Notes: 

To compile from source, use the Android 2.2 SDK, set serverName to the IP of your server on WLAN, put apk on a few Android phones, start server, enter game, join game with phones, enjoy. :)

Alternatively, download APK from here, and point your browser to vpad://ServerIP - where ServerIP is the address of your game server.

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