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Atum & Sato

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Atum is an Egyptian God, ascending from the chaos-waters to the world of the undead. Sato is the embodiment of Atum, but in the living world we know and breath. Both worlds hold challenges and perils that will test any player as they attempt to navigate both Atum and Sato through the circular universe that holds more secrets than meets the eye.
Microsoft Windows Phone
Brief Play Description: 

This is a mirror world. There's two characters (Atum and Sato) that must be looked after at all times. The world is a scary place, but is this world really a world?

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Ryan Murphy Yosha Noesjirwan David Kilford Thomas Allsopp William Neill
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We got a Nomination!

Great news! After all our hard work (Yoshi mainly), team Ouro Chicos have finished game game with a nomination for an award in Art Direction. We are really proud of Yoshi, and of what we have a achieved.

Some major technical issues occurred (as they tend to) at the end, and we were unable to compile a fully playable game for others to play. We did make a gameplay videos of when the game DID work, so check it out!


Update 3

Things are going slowly, but we are making great progress. Character animation is now complete, and the soundscape is starting to come together. We are all looking forward to getting an updated version of Atum & Sato up and running tonight before getting some sleep.


Update 2

It's been a long day today. The team is doing well and holding together. We made a good decision to get a good night's sleep and have seen many other teams today suffering from lack of ZZZZzzzz's. There's plenty of action here at the Sydney event with the Sydney Gamers' League having a huge lan party next door. Pretty epic!

Attached are some short previews of the game and our characters Atum and Sato.




Good progress made tonight with concept development of throwing lots of ideas around. We've gone with the story of Atum & Sato - two instances of the same character than must escape from what appears to be an prison for the mind; an infinite loop. We are all very excited about seeing this project through to completion and getting to a stage we can share it with you.

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