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Battle Snakes

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
This game is a new twist and the classic snake arcade game. Choose from 4 different levels. Your goal is to eat hundreds of snakes and not get eaten yourself!
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Brief Play Description: 

Battle Snakes is a single player game with hundreds of "snake bots" to beat. The player is able to select between 4 different stages all with a unique theme and obstacles. Your goal is to consume as many snakes as possible and their is no way to lose a level, consistent with the theme of the global game jam; the image Ouroboros, representing immortality and reincarnation. If you collide with a snake larger than yourself you chop of its body where you collided and gain that much to your own snake. If you collide with a snake smaller than yourself than you consume the entire snake. If you are becoming to long you can chop off your own body to gain maneuverability but be careful because this act will spawn another snake! When all snakes are consumed you win.

*press Q in game to return to level select screen

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Arend Hintze - Dr. SnakeLove, David Phillips - Snakespeare, Phil Getzen - Commander Snake, Jory Schossau - SnakeMcBug, Randy Olson - "where issss he?"
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Interesting game

I like the idea and the artwork. I think a minimap or radar/hud to locate remaining enemies would be nice.

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