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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
2-4 multiplayer game. Compete head-to-head to capture as many floating orbs as possible. Maneuver through orbital madness with easy to use controls (and sabotage your competitors with malicious power-ups).
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
The game uses Xbox 360 controls, but is adaptable for other controls.
Brief Play Description: 

Hectic multiplayer (2-4 players) battles.
-Be the first to capture all the orbs
-You can only capture orbs that are next to orbs that are already yours
-Player with most orbs wins when time is up
-Press A to switch between orbs
-Hold X to bezircle and capture the orb in your colour
-Press B to place a bomb and sabotage your opponents. Careful though, it could hurt you as well.

-Bezircling and placing bombs costs energy.
-When you run out of energy, quickly look for energy power ups (little black blobs)
-Your current amount of energy is indicated by the length of the trail behind your character.

bezircle-ggj12-upload 2.zip
-Requires Xbox 360 Controllers
-Requires Game Pad Server (.exe included in download file)

Flash version has been uploaded. (bezircle.swf)
Windows and Mac compatible. Play it in your favourite browser as long as you have Flash Player plug-in installed.
Play with two players on the keyboard. Simple three-button controls.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
The Doctor and his Minions of Machinations Design - All of us Programming - Joris Dormans & Koen Bollen Art - Hendrik Visser Sound & Music - Stephan van der Feest Liberos - Remco van Swieten & Javier Sancho
Installation Notes: 

There are 2 versions available

Bezircle game (Windows only, only playable with Xbox controllers for PC)
-The official entry after 48 hours of development
-Dowload bezircle-ggj12-upload 2.zip
-Windows only.
-Requires Flash Player.
-Only playable with Xbox 360 controllers.
-To use Xbox 360 controllers install Game Pad server included in download file: /other/Xbox360_Gamepad_Server.exe

Bezircle (flash, keyboard controls, 2 player)
-Download bezircle.swf and open in your favourite internetbrowser
-Requires Flash Player
-Keyboard controls (no Xbox controller required)
-2 player

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