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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Blackout is a game that explores the dynamics of the absence of graphics, with full evidence for sound aspects. With intriguing narrative, the game places the player in the context of the child Alice who, with little time living in their new home, faces a total blackout. In such an unfriendly environment, many strange situations will happen, and she will need to face much more than she expected on the way to the light.
Brief Play Description: 

Meet Alice and Sara. The lights are out. You will have to trust only in your hearing to find more than the light. So use headphones or increase the volume of your speakers.

Listen very carefully to the thoughts of the girl Alice, they’ll guide through the darkest hours of your journey. Pay attention to all sounds.

Use the directional or W,A,S,D and mouse to move around.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Eyes Wide Shut: (No graphics) The game has no graphics.
Team Image: 
Rennan Ribeiro Andre Tolsen Pablo Laranjeira Leandro Ponciano Brunno Almeida Marllon Sandol Kakos Jermerson Damásio Arthur Padilha
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Alone in the dark

Parabéns galera jogo bem desafiador, vai rolar uma versão pt? imaginei esse jogo na época dos apagões kkkkkkkkkkkkk


The Games are for everyone!

Muito Legal mesmo a Ideial... Afinal Games são para todos!


Brilliant idea!

When the theme was presented to us, Rodrigo talked about a game that had no graphics at all, we were like..., ok.

Then someone said "how about we try that?"

This is Blackout, good job doods!


Ceguei! :D

Galera, parabéns pelo jogo de vocês. Aceitar o desafio do archviement deixou o jogo um pouco distante do tema, ou pelo menos obscureceu um pouco, no entanto, *vendo* além disso o Blackout se demonstra um jogo revolucionário. Independente se será para deficientes visuais ou para transmitir a sensação de escuridão total, a experiência de jogo é *honesta*. O Blackout ainda vai dar muito o que falar, tanto em estudos e pesquisas, quanto num jogo excelente, caso vocês não o esqueçam na escuridão. =) Parabéns!



I like the game Idea, played it twice, second time I found that using the mouse is trouble,
it is much easier to make a mental map of the house if you don't use the mouse...

I think it could also be cool if the text had subtitles, so we can read what she's saying...

The only problem is that I get stuck after getting the keys in the kitchen, near the parrots...
There was this meow and I couldn't control the character anymore...
Is it normal? I think I messed up somehow cause in the credits there was like 5 voice actors listed and I just listened to this first girl...

I really wanted to find the mystery (if there was any) behind the black out!
And play the game through the end, let me now if it was a bug or something.

good job guys!

Rennan Ribeiro

Thanks, Vermonde! We're glad

Thanks, Vermonde! We're glad you enjoyed the game.

Some of the problems you reported, are really due to some bugs wich we are already working on fixing.

About the mouse, we've found that some players prefer to use it, since the sound in the game is 3D, and some prefer not to. I find myself still in doubt about wich one is better =p.

We thought about putting subtitles, but at the ocasion of the jam we couldn't, cause we were trying to earn the eyes wide shut achievement. But right now we are preparing to introduce the subtitles as well as to translate the audio to portuguese, so you can play in both languages.

And about the mystery... oh, you bet there is a hell of a good mystery within the blindness of the blackout... as soon as these issues are solved we'll let you know, man!

Thanks again for the comments!

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