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Boing Wauw

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Two player sound-to-picture translation.
Platform note: 
Main platform is Ipad with a non-obligatory custom headset.
Brief Play Description: 

Put on a headset, but be ready to share it! Press the button that looks like it'll play a sound when you press it...

Listen to the sound, and try to repeat it to your partner.

Partner! Pick the picture you think best matches the sound your partner made. Do this by dragging the picture towards the triangle using either your fingers (Ipad) or the mouse (PC). When you let go, you have chosen.

The difficulty will increase as you guess right. Alternatively increase or decrease the difficulty by pressing the tiny +/- in the corner of the screen. It's very small.

Boing Wauw is a co-op 2 player ipad game, that mixes sight and sound to create fun and challenging gameplay. Alternating, one player hears a sound and then reproduces it orally, while the teammate listens in order to be able to choose an abstract image from a selection of images consistently matched thru the game data base.
In early stages the number and complexity of the sounds and images are low, but rises as the players learn to recognize and (just as importantly) imitate the sounds.

To play with non-custom headset, simply swap headsets between turns.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Sune Hede Anders Rauff-Nielsen Ditte Deenfeldt
Game Files: 
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Exe up for PC

The .exe is now working. Give it a try :)


Winner of Jury's Choice Award at Nordic Game Jam 2012

We just won the Nordic Game Jam 2012 Jury Choice Award given by Ole Teglbjærg from Press Play! YAY!!! :)

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