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Boogie Fling!

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Follower-based platforming puzzle action! Throw and control your minions to solve puzzles.
Web browser with plugins (Unity player, Torque,...)
Brief Play Description: 

Players must navigate a series of puzzles revolving around collecting minions in order to serve your will and solve your puzzles. As players collect more minions, they start each level with them, and eventually loop around to the beginning, allowing them to experience the same easier levels with a vastly increased supply of minions. The game can be replayed infinitely, or at least until the player has too many minions to be handled by their system memory.

Play Now - Web Version 1024x768
Play Now - Web Version 640x480

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
Followers: (Increasing number of NPCs follow you) The game involves a growing number of autonomous non-player characters that are always following the player character’s position.
Team Image: 
Ryan Schaefer - Programming/Design Ryan Foss - Programming/Design Zach Wendt - Programming/Design Tori Kamal - Sound Effects/Music/Design Ty Burks - Art/Animation assets
Game Files: 
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I know what you mean about breaking puzzles

Yeah, I was hoping to use it to cheat my way around some tougher challenges. :D


Love the audio and boogie violence

Hilarious audio in this! Was really funny to hear the random boogie noises all weekend while making my game and hanging out. (especially when masses of them were being thrown to their deaths).

Actually has pretty satisfying level designs. Good challenges.

I thought you could somehow spike a boogie into a wall and use it as a stepping block? Can't seem to figure that out anymore.


Boogie wall stick

That was tricky to implement, and breaks puzzles if freely usable. For now, it's limited to the wall just after the spike pit. More of a demo of the feature.

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