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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The player controls a Phoenix that is slowly dying. With it's flaming wings unable to sustain themselves she flies low over a river on the Chinese new year to collect fire from the lanterns burning there. Fly fast, burn bright!
Brief Play Description: 

Explanation Of The Idea:

The objective is to travel as far as possible: red lanterns will invigorate you while the blue 'water' lanterns will douse your wings and slow you down. You must actively collect the red lanterns or you will gradually burn out. In addition to the lanterns are several obstacles and special items.

Ice crystals will freeze you in place while walls will slow you down dramatically. The three special coins can be activated once collected:
Z - 'Tiger Blood' The next two rows of red lanterns will be extremely potent
X - 'Tortoise Speed' A temporary boost of slow motion allows a few seconds of fine-control
C - 'Dragon Rage' For a few seconds you are invulnerable to all slowing effects and your speed will not decay.

Remember that all Phoenix must die before they can be reborn, but please enjoy the beauty of this final flight.

Relation To Theme: “Ouroboros”
Ouroboros is in exact reference to the circle of life, death and rebirth. The phoenix is a creature that represents all three of things, which is immortality, thus allowing the player to play a phoenix. A mechanic that can be introduced is that when the phoenix hits something and dies, it will come back as an egg and be reborn into the phoenix or fall helplessly into the water drowning.

Player will be able to use the arrow keys to move around in the designated space assigned to the player. For special abilities the player will use at this point in time z, x and c keys. This allows a simple control system for the player to familiarize themselves with it, also allowing the chance to make sure their hands aren’t at a discomfort. As the player controls the Phoenix, try to hit the Fire Lanterns (Red) and avoid the Water Lanterns (Blue). To make the game more challenging and to add as simple mechanics there is Special Abilities that the player can pick up as the game continues, as named before, they are Tiger Fury, Turtle Speed and Dragon Aura. Tiger Fury summons larger Fire Lanterns that provide a much bigger speed boost and allowing the player to go faster, granted if the player can hit them. Turtle speed allows everything around you and including the Phoenix slow down, giving you the opportunity to avoid certain obstacles coming the player’s way, such as the Ice Block and the Wall. Dragon Aura gives the player the toughness of those Dragon scales and allows nothing to hit the Phoenix for a short period of time. As the player flies through the city the Phoenix can quite possibly come across bridges which block out the player’s view for half a second. Fireworks will pop up every time you can beat the previous furthest distance.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Benn Lockyer Sunny Koda Jarrod Lowery
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

UNzip the Folder

Go To Release Folder

Run Burn4.0.exe file

Enjoy! =)

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