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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game where the player must throw it´s body segments in order to move further and gain points.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Platform note: 
Requires a browser with HTML5 support. Chrome recommended for best performance.
Brief Play Description: 

You are in control of a mechanical caterpillar composed of several independent segments. It can only move by launching its body parts through the cannon-head. Once all the parts are launched the first segment transforms into the head and the moving cycle can restart.

Your objective is to take the more segments you can the furthest away you can, in order to get the highest score.

Aim carefully the stream of body parts to avoid landing on bush traps and mines, they can easily disable your segments and make your journey shorter. If you are lucky you can have a chance to recover in the segment duplicators. Be aware of the bouncers, sometimes they can make your path unpredictable.

Mouse to aim
Left Click to launch

R to reset level
Esc to go back to menu

-there's a know bug regarding a malfunction in the throw when there's only one segment besides the head. Press R to reset the level and start from beginning.
-the bouncers are not behaving properly.
-currently there's no proper end with a score screen. When you are left with just the head, destroyed completely or have reached the level's end you can only reset the level by pressing R.

Stay around, hopefully this problems can be addressed soon.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Paulo Ricardo Reinehr - Programming, Mariana Vilas Boas - Graphics.
Installation Notes: 

You need a browser with HTML5 support and up-to-date. Last version of Google Chrome is recommended for best performance.

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Muito Loco! Parabens

Muito legal a ideia e os gráficos, o jogo é divertido mesmo!


Conceito e arte excelentes...

Parabéns aos dois ...ótimo trabalho, a arte está simplesmente fantástica.. espero que vocês decidam continuar o projeto e concluir ele, pois acho que daria um excelente puzzle para web e ios...


Bem Bacana...

curti bastante a ideia do game, sem falar nos gráficos que estão excelentes! espero que prossigam com o projeto e finalizem ele como o jogo merece!!




Thanks for the compliments!

And thanks for the ideas Vermonde, I really liked the idea of new abilities for different segments!

There's still some annoying bugs that need to be fixed. Hopefully we will fix them soon.

But we do have plans to develop it better and maybe explore it commercially. We considered developing it to the ipad, but is more likely that we'll polish it and release on Kongregate first.


Nice art !

Love the art of the game .


make a mobile version plzzz!!!


I see great potential for a excellent puzzle game in this. Especially if it uses touch screen interface for like ipad, and iphone.

Something in the line of Angry Birds. With lots of stages and a nice learning curve.
Maybe each 5 or 10 levels you got a new "segment", with a new ability or properties, go farther, bounce, explode, etc...

And of course the graphics are amazing as always!!!!
U guys rlz!!!

Congratulations on another great game!!!


Excelentes graficos

Parabens pelo trabalho, foi uma pena nao ter concluido ele na parte de audio.
Agorei a ideia de voces e os graficos sao simplesmente fantasticos !



I loved this game. Good Work to you both.

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