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The Chase

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
The Chase is game that has more players than it has dimensions, and it only has two players!
Platform note: 
.exe creation failed; needs visual studios to run
Brief Play Description: 

The left player uses the keyboard. A number of white lines appear on the right end, and he must press the right key on the numpad or top row of numbers that matches it. Every time he does, he gets closer to catching the yellow player.

The yellow player uses the mouse to evade the green player for as long as possible. By clicking on the black or blue space to the right of the yellow character, she will keep out of reach of the greens. If she clicks the red parts, or to the other side of her character, she will drop back towards the green.

If the yellow player can evade the green player for long enough, she'll win. Otherwise, when the green player finally catches her, he'll win. DRAMA.

Diversifiers and Credits
GGJ 2012 Diversifiers : 
1D: (Single-dimensional gameplay) The game takes place along only a single dimension.
Asymmetry: (Every player is different) The game requires more than one player, but each player has entirely different goals and rules.
Team Image: 
Alex St. John did everything. Yay him.
Game Files: 
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