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Cluster Fobia

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In Cluster Fobia, you completely surround yourself with unstoppable bullets. The only goal is to outlive your opponents while the universe around you keeps on expanding and exploding. As the universe expands, old threats and opportunities lose their significance in relation to a larger context.
built with Game Maker (any product)
Platform note: 
Requires 2 to 4 Xbox360 controllers to play
Brief Play Description: 

Cluster Fobia is a top down shooter where your bullets are unstoppable. As you increase the amount of bullets, the universe adapts and expands. Players try to outlive their opponents while slowing time and dodging bullets.

Right Trigger = Fire bullet
Left Bumper(press) = Slow time
(release) = Dash
Left Analog Stick = Move
Right Analog Stick = Aim

Press 'esc' to exit game

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Team INFINITY+1 - Team Lead & Game Design | JOERI VAN EES - Game Design | FIN KINGMA - Game Art | DANNY GROENEN - Programming | BART JAN BULTMAN - Programming | KJELL ‘T HOEN - Sound design | PINAR TEMIZ ------------------- Special thanks to Utrecht School of the Arts, Global Game Jam - Hilversum, the Netherlands
Installation Notes: 

1. Download the rar and extract in new folder
2. Open 'release' folder
3. Run the executable 'clusterfobia.exe'

- Enjoy

!Requires windows (does not run on mac)
!Requires 4 xbox 360 controllers

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