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*tied for 2nd Place Audience Choice Award Winner - Pgh, PA 2012*

Part music mix box, part Nibbler, and part 'just a fun tech toy'. Use the left and right arrow keys to steer the Creator Snake around space. Devour your own tail to create new planets. Planets grow and evolve and can be consumed again. Each planet grows musically, and all planets combined make a lush soundtrack. Make your own universe, losing part of yourself every time and devour planets to get your tail back to start the cycle anew.


Put on your headphones
Left and Right arrow keys control snake
Bite your tail to spin and generate planets
Once planet is at the size you wish, use Left and Right keys to break away
To devour a planet steer yourself through the center of a planet
You cannot create a planet if your tail is too short (ie you can't bite it)


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