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The Crooked Spiral

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A brave knight enters spiralling dungeon to rescue a mysterious stranger.
Web standard (Html5, Java, JavaScript, Flash)
Brief Play Description: 

The player takes the role of a brave and honorable knight who spots someone fall into a dungeon while on his daily patrol. Naturally the brave knight descends into the dark dungeon in attempts to rescue the stranger. However, temptation gets in the way and the knight has to make a tough decision on his downward journey - one which will affect the outcome of his rescue mission.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Brock Atkinson - Music | Ben Hammersley - Art | Liza Shulyayeva - Design, Art | James Strauss - Mission Specialist | Minh Tran - Programmer
Game Files: 
Installation Notes: 

1) Download
2) Unzip
3) Open index.html (preferably in Google Chrome or Firefox)

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Very Original

Nice idea and cut scenes. The music fits very well.
I hope this doesn't count as a spolier but I like the way I can still win or lose regardless of how I play.
Also, having sat near your team for 48 hours, good work on iterating on your design as you found issues or had to streamline it for time.

You should upload it somewhere and link to it so people can play it easier. The zip is 70 mb ><;



Hope you guys had fun and levelled up (9000+)! Sorry that I couldn't be at the presentations. Looking forward to more posts to see what your ideas turned into!

(Just noticed the .zip file! Downloading now).

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