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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
A game of hunting treasure, outsmarting fellow players, while coping with the cycles of life and death, set in a world with the cycle of the four seasons.
Platform note: 
Created in Unity
Brief Play Description: 

Cycles is a game that lets you hunt treasue. On your way you may or may not have to kill some baddies. Killing them might make it easier, but beware: their spirits will come after you!
Need to get rid of the spirits because it's getting too difficult? No problem. Just kill yourself, so they may have their vengeance.
Now that you're a spirit yourself, you can retake your body and continue, unless another player has entered the body before you. Kill him, so then you may possess the body instead of him. Keep in mind dead players will also be haunting spirits longing to take your body.
Only when alive may you gather valuables.
The arena consists of ringworlds rolling before and behind eachother. When they overlap you may switch to another. These rings each have one of four seasons - summer, fall, winter and spring.
Here we have a cycle of life and death, a cycles of seasons. Always dying and rebirthing, seasons fading and re-emerging.
Here we have Cycles.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Mieke ten Dam Timothy Stam Walter Beerens Twan van Dooren Dennis Kloos Jur van Oerle
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