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Death Loop

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Board game where the player must be the last one on the board by avoiding being in the wrong place when the board shifts.
non-digital (board game, card game, physical game, etc.)
Brief Play Description: 


Using a round board, the players will control a pawn and roll a 12 sided die to wander the board.
The board has 4 areas from the middle to the edge. Each area has a direction and a difficulty along with a board modifier.

The turn starts with the players rolling the d12 to see who goes first.
All players place their pawns in the first cell of the board near the edge.
The first player rolls the d12 and moves the pawn clockwise the number of cells indicated in the die roll.
When the pawn lands on the last cell the player has to see 3 information displayed in the cell:
a. the change of board (indicated by an X)
b. the direction that the player will move (inner circle or outer circle)
c. Difficulty to move (number on cell or less based on last die roll)

Everything will be resolved based on the die roll the player just did.
First, the player will move the pawn as many cells as indicated in the die roll.
Second,if the player rolled a number that equals or is less than the landing cell that player moves in the direction indicated.
Third, if there is an X on the cell, the player should alter the board. If the upper board is entering the game, the player rotates the upper board as many cells as he rolled from the first cell (the one the players start).

There are two different situations for the board shift, if the upper board is in play or not:

If not in play:
The player rotates the upper board as many cells as the roll he got from the starting position.
Then he tries to put the upper board on top of the lower. Some players will not be in the holes, those players should move.
Each player that is not on one of the holes in the upper board when it is placed should move to the nearest inner circle hole, allowing the upper board to enter the game.

If in play:
The current player moves up the upper board and any pawns that are on top of it should move to the nearest inner circle hole.

IF a player is in the last inner circle therefore unable to go deeper when there is a board shift, that player loses and removes the pawn from the board.

When everything is resolved, it's the next player's turn.
The last player in the game is the winner.

Instructions on download and print

There are two images
The first one, with ALL markings on the board is the lower board.
The second one is the upper board. Notice that there will be some blank cells on it. these cells should be cut off from the board to make the spaces for the board shift.
It's recommended printing the boards in A3 and placing them over a hard paper.
Use beans, rice or other elements from your house as tokens for the players.

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Rafael L Lagos
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