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Defender of Rospuda's Valley

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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
In game we will control warrior, who will defeat all enemies in stage. There are fast translated story of game: The Mags from Augustov Castle are building The Portal in green country of the Raspuda Valley. The Portal make possible passing between human and gods world. The Mags don’t understand that the Portal is first step to Ragnarök: awakening the snake Jörmungander. The Mags used power of nature for buiding the Portal and it’s the easy way to unbalance of biology. A muddy ponds to fill with lava and hot asphalt called a Jörmunganders venom.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Brief Play Description: 

All sterrings you can change in options room

Diversifiers and Credits
Team Image: 
Nirvan(Filip Moeglich)
Installation Notes: 

Unzip and run exe

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