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Game Information
Short Introduction: 
Cycle Dementia is a game where you play as an anonymous character who is found out at some bizarre world. He uses his alchemical powers to try to break through the levels, but it's not that easy. He must overcome his own insanity.
built with GameMaker:HTML5
Platform note: 
Brief Play Description: 

The player has to complete puzzles and use the platformer elements of the scenario to pass the levels.

Diversifiers and Credits
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Scary shit!

So I was playing this game alone past midnight and at some point on the second stage I fell in the spikes and there was this creepy sound repeating over and over (I think it was a scream).

The game turned slow as the sound repeated like a thousand times.
Then there was this "divided by zero fluctuation point" error pop up.
the level was reloaded, just this time without background music...

without the BG music all the sounds were creepier, the heart beat of the character as the light was vanishing become more intense...

I know it was certainly a bug, but that scaried the shit out of me!!
I reminds me of all this "creepypasta" stories like that pokemon ghost black game..

I liked the game a lot, the lvl design was good, scary some times. (Like when there was this red trap and a lamp over your had, daam I desperate repeatedly pushed 'E' like my life depends on it)

The puzzle in the end of each level was scary with the lights going out, and the sound of heart beat going up! Very cool!
"like oh fuck... go go go ... the time is running out"

I just didn't liked much the keys choice,
1 and 2 as skills and 'E' to release the trap, it took me some time to get used to it...

I hope you guys continue the game, it was immersible enough to cause despair when you are about to die, despite the graphics.

Overall I really liked the game!


Omg! Thanks!!

Thank you so much for the comment! This was our first jam, you don't know how much your comment means to us!! :DD
And I laughed my ass off reading your comment, god damn I didn't knew a bug could make a better game XD

Oh, and thanks for the tips, we'll revise the keys next time :)

Thank you very much :333

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